How to get


By airplane:

International Airport
Arriving at Salvador International Airport you can choose to travel to Morro de São Paulo by boat - from the Maritime Tourist Terminal, or direct by plane.

By airplane:
It is 20 minutes to the island, leaving Salvador international airport, with AEROSTAR or ADDEY. Reservations, schedules, prices and other information;

Our reception can also take care of reservations. We looked for the guest on the landing strip, five minutes from the hotel.

Of boat:
From "catamaran / boat": It is 2 hours by catamaran or boat, from the Maritime Tourist Terminal, which is opposite the Mercado Modelo, just below the Lacerda Elevator. Arriving by the airport, the trip in taxi costs between R $ 70,00 and R $ 80,00 and lasts 40 minutes, according to the traffic

Salvador - Morro: 08h30, 09h00, 10:30, 11:30, 13:00 and 14h00.
Morro - Salvador: 09h00, 9: 30, 11h30, 12:30, 15:00 and 16h30

High season and long holidays require a pre-booking. In the low season, arrive 30 minutes in advance and buy tickets at the ticket booth (R $ 75 per person and per way). If you notify us in advance of your arrival, a person identified by the "Anima Hotel" sign will be on the pier and will accompany you through the streets of the village to the point of stop of our transport, which will take you to the hotel in 15 minutes.


Private Taxi and Ferry: take the Ferry Boat at the São Joaquim maritime terminal (R $ 4,00 per person) to the island of Itaparica (Bom Despacho). From there, take a taxi (max. 4 people, 1 hour and a half, between R $ 140,00 to R $ 170,00) or less expensive parking and bus to the city of Valença. In Valença, take the speedboat to the island of Tinharé (Morro de São Paulo), 30 minutes, R $ 14,00 per person. If you tell us the time of departure, we will be waiting for you at the landing.

Combination boat - bus - boat , with Guide of Tourism: part of Salvador at 07h00 in the morning (single time) and takes passengers from any hotel on the waterfront to the speedboat (crossing the Bay in 45 minutes). From there, a bus transports to the berth of Valença (an hour and thirty minutes). Then take another boat to Morro de São Paulo (15 minutes). The total time is 3 hours and costs $ 60 per person.
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